The standout element in working with Claire is her thoughtfulness. She gives everything the careful consideration it needs to be well articulated and clearly communicated, making her a master at efficient and concise writing without sacrificing style or insight. I’ve both edited Claire’s work and had her edit my work, and on both sides of the equation she excels.
— Danielle R. - Client Success Manager
[Claire provides] error-free writing with a unique, authentic author voice, near-perfect editing, and polite, professional, and grateful communication. She is truly a joy to work and communicate with - her passion is evident in all that she does.
— Gina E. - Beauty Editor
Claire played an integral part in developing my personal website by providing crisp, clean, thoughtful copy. She creates solid social media posts without sacrificing authenticity. Quick, professional communication with a positive attitude.
— Nick R. - Account Manager
She reorganized our social media accounts and significantly increased our engagement. She also assisted with a complete site review and rewrote content on pages for more effective SEO.
— Cathy M. - Brand Manager